Chiropractic Care for Disc Herniations

Chiropractic Care for Disc Herniations

You’ve been diagnosed with a herniated disc. You’ve sought relief from your doctor, but his prescription of rest and anti-inflammatory drugs just isn’t working. You are still suffering from numbness, tingling or pain and are wondering what your options are. Dr. Ash, The Chiro Guy, can help! His integrated best chiropractic care for disc herniations provides lasting relief of your pain and tingling.

What are disc herniations? The spine is composed of many bones called vertebrae. In between the vertebrae are small sacks, made of fibrous connective tissue with a gel center. These act as the “shock absorbers” for your spine. When these discs are intact, your spine moves fluidly and can absorb the impact of movement.

With a herniated disc, your “shock absorber” has sprung a leak and deflated, causing pressure on the nerves that branch out from your spine. The pressure on the nerve is what causes your symptoms of numbness, tingling and pain, either in your arms and hands if the herniated disc is in your neck, or in your legs and low back if the problem is in your lower back.

Herniated disc injuries are usually a result of trauma to the neck and spine, especially common in car accidents. They can also be a normal result of aging; continuous wear and tear on the spine from driving, a sedentary lifestyle or repetitive motion.

Dr. Ash and his team at The Chiro Guy specialize in treating herniated disc injuries through an integrative approach.

Your unique disc herniation treatment plan may include:

Chiropractic care customized to your case and mindful of your pain and nerve symptoms. Dr. Ash uses X-rays and state-of-the-art examination technology to analyze your spine and create a treatment plan for your herniated disc. By gently adjusting the spine, the herniated disc has a chance to heal its leak. Realigning the spine also relieves the pressure on the nerves causing your pain.

Therapeutic Massage, to reduce pain and inflammation in the spinal area and also create relaxation.

Acupuncture to increase circulation, eliminate pain and speed up the healing process.

While herniated disc pain can be extremely debilitating, a herniated disc can often be treated non-surgically. Let Dr. Ash and his team evaluate your herniated disc injury to see if targeted chiropractic care can relieve your pain without drugs or surgery.

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