Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injuries

Do you have a car accident injury that affects your work or home life? Your recent car accident may have left you suffering from neck pain, muscle spasms, whiplash or headaches. You might also have lower back pain, or even more disturbing symptoms like difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, dizzy spells or lack of concentration. Chiropractic care with Dr. Ash, The Chiro Guy, can help you!

Car accident injuries can range from the relatively mild to much more severe, and you may not even know if your spine has been injured right away. While you may not currently be experiencing pain, a subluxation or misalignment of your spine may have occurred that could lead to serious pain or other health issues in the future. Even if the emergency room cleared you, it’s still important to be evaluated by a spinal specialist like Dr. Ash that can look for those tell-tale signs. This can also make a substantial monetary difference in your personal injury settlement case.

Chiropractic care for car accident injuries is effective for treating neck pain and back pain by realigning the spine. Often a car accident or other trauma causes the bones in the spine to no longer be properly aligned, twisting out of proper relationship with each other. When the spine is out of alignment, the nervous system has to work much harder for your body to get the signals from the brain and spinal cord. It can also lead to symptoms such as headaches and muscle spasms.

Dr. Ash will perform a detailed, thorough assessment of your spine to find any possible misalignments, or, as chiropractic care refers to them, “subluxations”. By correcting subluxations, chiropractic care helps the body to heal itself without the needs for drugs or invasive surgery.

Dr. Ash and his team of licensed, experienced practitioners offer many additional complementary treatment options, such as therapeutic massage, Cold Laser therapy, acupuncture and physical therapy. These supportive therapies work with his targeted chiropractic care to get you feeling less shocked and more settled again, so you can resume your work and leisure activities with less pain and more focus and energy.

In our two convenient Los Angeles locations, our practitioners work with you to address your whiplash injuries, herniated disc, or lower back pain. We treat not just the symptoms but their cause, increasing your range of motion as we decrease your pain levels.

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